Jesuits’ Fingerprints all over Climate Deal & Green Sabbath! Politicians: Give Up Liberty for Safety

Posted on Posted in Andrew Henriques, Saved to Serve International (Prophesy Again)

“Those who honor the Bible Sabbath will be denounced as enemies of law and order, as breaking down the moral restraints of society, causing anarchy and corruption, and calling down the judgments of God upon the earth. Their conscientious scruples will be pronounced obstinacy, stubbornness, and contempt of authority. They will be accused of disaffection toward the government.” {GC 592.1}

“The Laodicean message applies to the people of God who profess to believe present truth. The greater part are lukewarm professors, having a name but no zeal...The only hope for the Laodiceans is a clear view of their standing before God, a knowledge of the nature of their disease." {4T 87.2}

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