Distress of Nations Shows 3rd Woe, Sealing of 144K Almost Over, Angry Horse Seeking To Break Loose

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“Four mighty angels are still holding the four winds of the earth. Terrible destruction is forbidden to come in full. The accidents by land and by sea; the loss of life, steadily increasing, by storm, by tempest, by railroad disaster, by conflagration; the terrible floods, the earthquakes, and THE WINDS WILL BE THE STIRRING UP OF THE NATIONS TO ONE DEADLY COMBAT, while the angels hold the four winds, forbidding the terrible power of Satan to be exercised in its fury until the servants of God are sealed in their foreheads.” {RH, June 7, 1887 par. 13}

“ANGELS ARE HOLDING THE FOUR WINDS, WHICH ARE REPRESENTED AS AN ANGRY HORSE SEEKING TO BREAK LOOSE and rush over the face of the whole earth, bearing destruction and death in its path. Shall we sleep on the very verge of the eternal world? Shall we be dull and cold and dead? Oh, that we might have in our churches the Spirit and breath of God breathed into His people, that they might stand upon their feet and live. We need to see that the way is narrow, and the gate strait. But as we pass through the strait gate, its wideness is without limit.” {20MR 217.1}

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